Monday, August 16, 2010

Post from Lou

Lou Mallozzi sent this description and excerpt of his sound installation for "Sustenance."

sound installation, looping, stereo, dimensions variable

Peers is a sound installation that mines the banal for a veiled drama.  Twelve narrators recite, in unison, a compilation of everything Lee Harvey Oswald said from the moment of John F. Kennedy’s assassination to the moment of his own demise at the hands of Jack Ruby.  These voices on loudspeakers conjure the jury that Oswald never had, absent from justice and history, one of many absences in an event that will likely never resolve, perhaps destined only to continue its ongoing mythological mutation.

Narrators: Anton Hatwich, Kate Joyce, Carla Duarte, Jacob Ross, Hamza Walker, Rebecca Kressley, Gary Marks, Lee Blalock, Richard Cahan, Benjamin Chaffee, Noè Cuellar, Chi Jang Yin.

Lou Mallozzi is a sound artist, arts administrator, and educator in Chicago.  His work involves phonography, site, body, actuality, and language in various combinations and collisions; working individually and collaboratively, he has performed and exhibited internationally.  He is co-founder and executive director of Experimental Sound Studio, in which capacity he has curated and organized hundreds of sonic arts events for the public and opportunities for artists since 1986.   He is also a core faculty member of the Sound Department of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he has taught since 1985.

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