Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Post from Kristin

Andrè Thomkins "Erscheinung"
Light Dancer

Loie Fuller's Radium Dance
Kristin Mariani sent the following images and description for her piece in the Sustenance exhibition. 

Sustenance Statement:
A curtain of photo-luminescent fabric hangs on a wall.  The fabric absorbs light and slowly releases it over intervals of time.  The material just hanging there supports a metabolic process, absorbing and emitting, consuming and expelling.  The gathering of the curtain creates a fullness containing pockets of space and darkness in each fold.  All of this I want to integrate into the architecture of the site.

Kristin Mariani is a Chicago based dressmaker, designer and artist. In her art and design practice she investigates hidden layers of labor discovered inside found cloth and garments, incorporating physical responses to material that emphasize process, patience, and chance.  In 2000 she founded her label RedShift; a line of contemporary couture created from salvaged materials and found garments.  Her designs have been described as work “that elevates the unique and the unrepeatable, and openly acknowledges a connection to the material world of production and consumption.”  She maintains an engaged practice by collaborating with artists from other disciplines, creating garments for dance, performance, and installation.

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